-top eleven virtual reality jose marinio//rubber republic

-sport fx online content//sports direct

-dw gyms tvc//hatch

-Nivea Sun//Eion  GLaister//agile

-Purima//Mighty fine productions

-Pampers Tvc Shanghai//Saatchi and Saatchi// Glassworks Productions//

-Pampers Tvc Europe //Saatchi and Saatchi// Glassworks Productions//

-Heinz superbowl TVC// Hogarth worldwide

-Agi & Sam x The Woolmark Company “Rising Tensions”//Dear Mr Quistgaard// SomeSuch and Co

-John terry  Football Academy //   Infinite 360

-Persil Unilever// ben  parkin //dirty films

-Human Appeal ‘Shine a Light’// Marcus Lundqwist//Knucklehead

-ARissa uk 'Delivering Better Oral Health to Adults’ //Health Care Learning




Sometimes Chinese (Channel 4 , random acts)//Make-up designer directed by Leo Leigh

SWITCH// Make-up designer directed by Aniel Karia

BLUE IGUANA// feature film assisting Bethany Swan

Guilt TV Show// Lionsgate (LIONSGATE)//Crowd dailies

Age of the Living Dead//Make-up artist dailies directed by Paul Tanter

Sticky Drama//Make-up designer directed by Jon Rafman, commissioned by Warp Records and produced by Pulse.

Made out of Meat//Make-up designer directed by Saffiya Lea, C+F Productions

Zoe and the Astronaut// Make-up artist dailies directed by Eke Chunwu

Retribution//Make-up artist (Daillies) directed by David Bisham and Danny Albury

London Hood//Make-up designer directed by Cengiz Dervis, Fight Me Productions

Brothers Promise// Make-up artist directed by Cengiz Dervis, Fight Me Productions



SG LEWIS-'times we had' directed by lyle lindgren//caviar

Ghost Poet-'Immigrant boogie' directed by Zhang & Knight//agile

junior empire-'decide' directed by eion glaister//agile

The sherlocks-'was it really worth it' directed by aella jewel anne//we are familia

aura marling-'soothing' directed by laura marling//prettybird

Laura marling-'next time' directed by laura marling//prettybird

Laura marling-'the valley' directed by laura marling//prettybird

will joseph cook-'beach' directed by eion glaister//agile

bears den -'dew on the vine' directed by louis bhose//agile

honeyblood-'sea hearts' directed by thomas james//blackdog

honeyblood 'ready for the magic' directed by thomas james//blackdog

LE Maitre-'closer' directed by ewan and casey//riff raff

kiko bun-'sticky situation' directed by ivana bobic//riff raff

bring me the horiZon- 'true friends' directed by thomas james//blackdog

one oh trix point never- 'sticky drama' directed by jon rafman //pulse

oh wonder-'lose it' directed by thomas james//squire

nothing but thieves-'trip switch' directed by ivana bobic//riff raff

Nothing but thieves- 'wake up call' directed by Ivana bobic//riff raff

beaty heart-'flora' directed by charlie rotberg

lapalux- 'puZZles' directed by nick rutter//sonny london

femme-'light me up' directed by femme

Dornik-'strong' directed by charlie rotberg

amateur best-'they know' directed by effie pappa

fat white family -'auto neutron directed by thomas james//blackteeth

PEluche-'sin' directed by thomas james//blackteeth

LOOM- 'Hate' directed by thomas james//vinyl factory

The phobophobes-'make a person' directed by thomas James //blackteeth



Bullet,fguk,design scene,stories collective,vulkan ,bricks,noctis,pylot,dreamingless,unblock







Simplicius Simplicissimus- Sadlers Wells Lilian Baylis- Chief Make-up and Wig artist



Grazia for London Fashion Week//Hair and make-up for promotional models

Civilised Mess// Various events